Can you locate the cat in this picture in only ten seconds?

In a tweet, Mr. Goenka posted an optical illusion with numerous houses in it and challenged his followers to discover the cat hidden therein.

Harsh Goenka, a businessman, routinely tweets inspirational ideas and informative content to his friends and followers on Twitter.

His fans seemed to enjoy the visual puzzle he shared in his most recent post on Sunday.

In his tweet, Mr. Goenka issued a challenge to his followers: Can you spot the cat hiding in this scene of multiple homes?

«If you are attentive, you will find the cat in 10 seconds,» he wrote as the question’s caption.

With over 4,200 likes, more than 270 retweets, and comments from readers, his essay has received a lot of attention on Twitter.

Although the zigzag layout of the dwellings may at first seem perplexing, if you pay great attention, you may locate the cat with ease.

The cat was quickly located by many users, while for some it took a little longer.

The white cat, however, took a little bit longer than 10 seconds, as a user remarked in the top right corner.

In less than two seconds, political expert Tehseen added his analysis to the image.

Really rather simple. The next time, ask for something challenging, a third person suggested.

When they responded, other people around the cat.

Such visual puzzles and optical illusion blogs are common on the Internet, and since they are entertaining to complete, they usually keep users interested.

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