Jane Fonda reveals her coworker Robert Redford’s attitude toward women, and it’s shocking.

According to Deadline, Jane Fonda discussed working with Robert Redford during a sit-down interview at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival on Friday, alleging Redford «did not like to kiss.»

Fonda, 85, and Redford, 86, have featured in four films together, the first of which was 1966’s «The Chase.»

According to IMDB, Fonda and Redford most recently costarred in Netflix’s 2017 romantic drama «Our Souls at Night,» in which they played a widow and a widower who form a deep bond.

Regardless of how happy the actors appeared onscreen, Fonda claimed that things weren’t quite the same behind the scenes.

«He did not like to kiss,» Fonda said. «I never brought it up with him. And he’s usually in a terrible mood, for which I always blamed myself. He’s a wonderful person. He just doesn’t like ladies.»

Despite her harsh remarks about Redford, Fonda did show some affection for her former co-star during the same chat in Cannes, according to Vulture.

According to the publication, Fonda stated that she was «in love with him» for three of their four films together.

«I had a really good time,» she added, despite the fact that she blamed his terrible mood on her. That all changed when they shot «Our Souls at Night.»

«I was maybe 80 years old, or something like that, and I realized I was fully grown up when he’d come on set three hours late in a terrible mood, and I knew it wasn’t my fault,» she continued. We were always having a good time. He’s a fantastic person.»

Representatives for Fonda and Redford did not respond immediately to Insider’s requests for comment, which were made after regular business hours.

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