The 86-year-old Chinese man’s spectacular catwalk performance proved that fashion shows aren’t just for the young…

Wang Daeshun was born in 1936. He was one of nine children born to a cook and a housewife. When the child was 14, he began working as a streetcar conductor. When he was younger, he realized his passion for acting and began taking free acting and choreography classes.

Wang made his fashion debut in the northeastern city of Changchun in the early 1980s. Before that, he went to the city’s largest department store and demanded their most spectacular attire in exchange for organizing a performance.

Wang agreed that the Chinese had little sense of fashion at the time and wore only black, white, gray, and blue. Deshun continued:

«I wanted to give ordinary people a sense of style.» We eventually staged a swimwear show. The models initially refused because they thought it was inappropriate, but they later agreed.

Wang Daeshun was a successful theater artist for over 20 years. The incident reoccurred when he was 40 years old after he passed out on stage. He took his characters’ emotions too personally, which is largely to fault.

His condition was diagnosed as vegetative neurosis, and physicians advised him to stop performing because it could be damaging to his health. He quit the theater and began volunteering at a deaf school. Wang entertained the children and even taught them sign language.

He later rose to prominence for his pantomime performances. When he was 50 years old, he went to see a Rodin sculpture exhibition. Although Daeshun admired his work, he was aware that his body did not have the same resemblance to Rodin’s sculptures. «That was an instant infatuation,» Van observed.

He began visiting the swimming pool, ice rink, and gym. He made his debut live sculpture performance in Beijing in 1993. Wang was still barred from performing in public because his presentation was deemed too sensual, but he continued to perform in private.

However, an interesting new chapter in his life began in 2015. Hu Sheguang and his fiancée, DJ QQ, were discussing the concept for his upcoming fashion show. At that moment, the girl’s phone rang, and her father Dashun’s photo appeared. Hu Sheguang immediately proclaimed after the call that he knew who would open his show.

The 79-year-old man, who caused a stir despite only spending 30 seconds on the catwalk, was a trim man with long hair and a hipster beard who was the ideal choice for the designer. As the hero himself claimed, he had spent 60 years preparing for this day.

Wang was asked to talk about his attitude on life and how he maintained such a youthful excitement throughout and after this performance. He replied, as follows:

«One method for determining your age is to ask yourself if you dare to try anything new.» Nature determines your age, but you define your mental state. «I don’t have a plan,» he said. I’ve always trusted my intuition and will continue to do so.

Regardless of his age, Wang Daeshun is always eager to learning new things. Hence, he began studying English at the age of 44, acquired the art of riding a horse at the age of 65, and began riding a motorcycle at the age of 75. He claims:

“People enquire as to how an elderly man can have such a remarkable body. I haven’t missed a training session in thirty years, though.

He also works out for three hours every day.

The model, though, says he has no restrictions on what he eats: “I’m not picky about food and I eat whatever I want.”

The age of Van Daeshun is currently 86. He leads a contented family life. His family includes a wife, two kids, and a grandchild. In 2021, the man achieved his lifelong aim of becoming a pilot by receiving his pilot’s license.

He now wants to skydive as a new objective. He said that as many times as they wanted, people could change their lives; the key was to have a purpose in mind.

One of the few who defies preconceptions and remains true to oneself is Wang Daeshun.

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