Liam Neeson opens up about his wife’s heartbreaking passing…

You never know when an unexpected event will permanently alter the course of your life. This was the case for actor Liam Neeson, who is freely expressing the impact Natasha Richardson’s tragic and sudden death had on his life ten years ago. He also emphasized how much their 16-year marriage had educated him.

Richardson suffered a head injury after falling violently while receiving ski instruction in Quebec. When Liam Neeson heard the news while working on a film in Toronto, which is on the other side of Canada, he hurried to be by her side. That’s when he learned what he dreaded hearing the most: Natasha will die as a result of her injuries.

Liam was able to talk with his wife one last time before she slipped away. He had to break the devastating news to his love that she would not recover from her injuries, and he was transporting her back to New York so that her loved ones could say their final goodbyes. This was a fatal blow to Liam and the couple’s two sons. According to Neeson, it is the most agonizing ache imaginable.

Neeson attributes his understanding of the value of unconditional love to his many years of loving marriage to Natasha Richardson. He is advising other couples to enjoy every second they have together and to treat every day as though it were their last.

Furthermore, he encourages couples to publicly show their love for one another and to stop using their hectic schedules as an excuse to avoid spending quality time together. Neeson has a grim lesson for today’s couples because they won’t be there when you glance up from your phone one day.

To learn more, watch this touching video:

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