The girlie lunch box put the boy in trouble at school. His uncle devised an excellent solution to the problem.

David Pendragon told inet users about an unusual case a few months back. His nephew Riker received a snack bag with cat drawings on it.

The youngster was overjoyed since he adored these creatures. The «girly» lunch box has become the target of classmates’ mockery. They used to tease Riker every time dinner came around.

The youngster was so offended that he was willing to starve to death if he wasn’t ridiculed. David Pendragon was enraged by what was going on and decided to step in.

After learning about his nephew’s issues, his uncle devised a fantastic solution.

David put the bullies in their place by arriving at work with the identical lunch bag. By doing so, he demonstrated that anyone can steal whatever they desire.

Members of the social network decided to show their support for David by purchasing the same bags. There were so many eager consumers that the bags with the «cat» print quickly sold out.

And their owners posted photos online with purchased lunch boxes. These bags were bought not only by women but also by men. And even a firefighter could not remain indifferent to such a bag.

Cat motifs have grown extremely popular. Similar themes started to appear on a variety of issues. Photos printed on a sweater. On bags and backpacks. Also on the shoes.

The boy no longer hesitates to carry his favorite bag, and thanks to his uncle and Internet users, the “cat” pattern has become popular!

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