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Two well-known actresses took a risk by speaking out against Hollywood’s tendency to favor persons and organizations on the far left. This is not only risky for their professions, but the fallout can be devastating.

Goldie Hawn and Rosanna Arquette both created waves when they went against the Hollywood crowd, albeit in very different ways. Hawn, who won an Oscar, discussed how politically involved Hollywood is. She stated that she prefers to «stay in her lane» when it comes to politics and that entertainers should strive to «serve» and perform «for all people.»

«I think that’s why it drives people crazy when Hollywood acts holier than thou and tries to teach middle America about morality and other things,» host Megyn Kelly explained. «And you know, these people in Iowa who have never tried to cast someone… «You could save your lectures for someone else,» they say.

Hawn agreed. «That’s right… Isn’t there a lot of ambition in Hollywood? And you want to put your name behind something you believe in, but it’s pointless. «Yes, that’s the truth,» she said.

According to Hawn, «I stay in my own lane.» «The truth is that if we want to do something, we want to do it for everyone, not just a certain group or something.» Having teams on both sides of the aisle accentuates the divisiveness. Hawn, who has been married to actor Kurt Russell since 1983, went on to say that it is not an actor’s responsibility to discuss politics: «I think we entertain.» I believe we make individuals more conscious of their ability to laugh, rejoice, feel, and grieve. We have feelings and cause others to have feelings. And I believe we are doing well in this case.»

This leads us to Rosanna Arquette. She received a rude awakening and a dose of reality after publicly supporting the recall of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon. «As violent crime in Los Angeles continues to rise, a well-known left-wing Hollywood star is joining the campaign to recall the county’s far-left, Soros-backed district attorney, George Gascon,» according to Breitbart.

Rosanna Arquette On Losing Her 'Desperately Seeking Susan' Co-Star To  Coronavirus | HuffPost Entertainment

Arquette, 62, who received a BAFTA for her performance in Madonna’s film «Desperately Seeking Susan,» shared a photo from the «Recall George Gascon» campaign on social media. Arquette shared a screenshot of an Instagram post by former Beverly Hills mayor Lili Bosse. Bosse declared, «I am ALL IN.» «Think back to the case of DA George Gascon.» “2022: The Year We Remember George Gascon,” said the text next to a picture of Gascon and a graphic.

Arquette’s post was met with silence. Even though the actress has 224,000 followers on Twitter and has been nominated for an Emmy, the “Recall George Gascon” post only got 20 “likes.” The Hollywood crowd has been opposed to remembering Gascon, and Arquette’s fans are also opposed to this cause. But with the number of murders in Los Angeles at its highest level in 15 years, Arquette and other Southern Californians think it makes sense to bring back the “soft on crime” Gascon.

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In 2020, at the Golden Globes, comedian Ricky Gervais gave celebrities a memorable tongue-lashing for lecturing the public about things they don’t know much about. So, if you win an award tonight, don’t use it to discuss politics, Gervais advised the audience of Hollywood celebrities. «You have no right to tell people how they should feel about anything.» You have no experience with actual life. Greta Thunberg went to school longer than most of you. So if you win, come up and take your prize.

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