Viral IQ Test!Can You Guess the Two Answers to This IQ Test?

This challenging math problem will put your knowledge to the test. Can you give your brain a workout today? Avoid the mid-week doldrums by attempting to solve a math issue that has been popping up everywhere. Normally, math equations have only one right answer, but this one is an exception.

There are two ways to solve the riddle, and each technique yields a different answer. It’s fascinating because both are right, but they’re both difficult to figure out.

The First Solution: For the first line, add 1 to 4 to get 5. Moving onto the next line, add 2 and 5 to the previous solution (5) for a total of 12. The third line follows that pattern, meaning that you add 3 + 6 + 12 to get 21. Which means that, for the final line, you would add 8 + 11 + 21 to get a grand total of 40. Didn’t get 40?Lest find the second way to solve the problem.

The Second Solution: The second method, involves adding together the first number, and the first number times the second number. To get 5 for the first line, you add 1 to 1 times 4. Similarly, the second line would be 2 + 2(5) = 12. For the third line, add 3 + 3(6) to get 21. Using this method for the final line, add 8 + 8(11) to get a final answer of 96.

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