Grandpa, 105, is terrified of holding his great grandson, but he is pleased when he does.

This 105-year-old great-grandpa was pleased because it was his first time seeing his great-grandson. Why not, then? Not everyone has the opportunity to cuddle their great-grandchildren.

Parents Susan and Jason Zwolak had been anticipating this moment since their son, Easton, was born.

Five days after his birth, they took Easton to see his great-grandfather, Pop. Susan and Jason have good memories of Pop from their youth and were happy that Easton would have the opportunity to meet him.

Pop was overjoyed when he met Easton for the first time.

He was obviously scared, and he was worried he would forsake Easton.

Because of this, he was hesitant to hold him.

When Pop is initially reluctant to hold Easton, Susan convinced him that it was okay and insisted that he do so. Pop tentatively extended out his hands after a few minutes, his heart bursting with enthusiasm.

Pop’s expression was visibly altered with excitement when he finally put his arms around Easton. Susan’s eyes welled up with tears as cranky grandfather transformed into a joyful boy, his face beaming with delight.

He kept looking at Easton’s face and nodding his head.

Easton was soundly sleeping until he was awakened by his great-grandfather’s adoration.

Pop held him closer to his chest, and Easton snuggled up to him, clearly finding his comfort zone with Pop

The pleased parents looked on as their grandfather massaged their son’s face delicately and smiled up at them.

It’s difficult to find things that make one joyful at such an elderly age. This encounter was extremely important to Pop.

He simply enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with his grandchildren.

In this day and age, meeting your great-grandchild is a rare moment to have, and it definitely warrants some celebration!

Watch the precious moment in the video below:

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