A police officer pulls over an elderly guy for speeding… You’ll be astonished at what transpired in the end… View the video below…

While crying, David informed Officer Coates, «I really try to drive right.» «I bought a new TV today to make my wife happy, but I can’t figure out how to connect it.»

To serve and protect others.
Our police officers were sworn to do those jobs, but some of them wouldn’t mind going above and beyond.

Consider Officer Kevin Coates of Sterling Heights, Michigan. During a traffic stop, he went above and beyond what was asked of him.

Officer Coates stopped an elderly guy in a Buick for speeding on September 30, 2021, around 7:30 p.m. The 79-year-old driver, identified only as David, was obviously not paying attention to the road.

He could see the old man was upset about something. When the cop questioned what was wrong, the driver’s sorrowful response was, «Everything is going wrong.»

David had lived in Sterling Heights for a long time and was in desperate need of assistance. He informed Officer Coates that his wife is ill and that they have an adult son with special needs.

On the same day, he wanted to do something to make his family happy, so he purchased a new television for them. But because he didn’t know enough about it, he couldn’t discover the necessary wires to make it work.

He was driving that night because he was going from store to store trying to figure out how to hook it up.

David told Officer Coates while he was crying, “I really try to drive right.” “Today I bought a new TV because I wanted to make my wife happy, but I can’t figure out how to hook it up.”

Officer Coates asked David what seemed to be wrong with the new TV, but the old man didn’t know what the problem was. Even though he said their old TV was a tube model, he didn’t know what to do with it.

The nice police officer then told the man who was upset that his partner knew a lot about electronics. He promised that they would come by later that day to help him make it work. The two gave each other their phone numbers, and Coates went to answer a call for police.

Later that day, Officer Coates kept his promise and brought Officer Remi Verougstraete and his new hire, Officer Jeremy Jakushevich, with him. The three police officers worked together to mount the TV and show David how to change channels.

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