The police officer rescued and adopted abandoned children: a horrific narrative and a brave act of man

This lovely story began a few years ago and continues to this day. Maxim and Dima, two youngsters from the Pavlovsky district, lived in a tiny cottage in one of the communities. They rarely saw their parents; their father had long since passed away, and their capricious mother visited once a week and then vanished in pursuit of a new beau. She didn’t lavish them with food; all she did was bring them a loaf of bread.

A neighbor observed that this mother hadn’t been seen at home in a long time and called the cops. Sergei Sharaukhov, a police ensign, was among those who responded to the call. Sergey recalls feeling his heart constricted by what he witnessed in the house. «It didn’t sit well with me that people could live like that in our day and age.» Maxim hammered a shattered window in the home with rags, then the muzzle. It was the month of March. There is a dirty bed on the beds, as well as no pillows or blankets. «There is no food,» recalls the man.

Sergei was unsettled. The eldest Maxim wrapped his sibling in a mattress to keep him warm because the room was freezing. It’s a terrifying sight. And then the ensign had the notion, «I will take them away,» and he stated out loud, «Well, boys, let’s go to my house?» But the lads were so terrified that they just hid behind a guardianship service woman. «Dad, how did I not recognize you right away,» Maxim exclaims.

«I have goosebumps down my hands, so pleasant and tears come here that it is impossible to remain indifferent…», Sergey worriedly muttered. The children needed to be bathed and nourished. After all, the guys had sat in a freezing house for six days, gnawing on a loaf of bread. Sergey dialed his wife’s number and began telling her about those terrible brothers. They went to see the kids the next day after buying food, clothes, and toys.

Sergey’s wife, Elena, says she immediately realized that everything was serious. They already had a son who was about to turn one. But she saw that because of these little ones, her husband literally couldn’t find a place for himself. Instead of new means of transport, they bought the boys winter and summer clothes, and toys, and they also needed medicine, since Maxim and Dima suffered from many illnesses.

Lena and her one-year-old had more than one queue with the authorities to receive all the adoption documents. The biological mother nevertheless came forward to write a declaration of refusal. The doctors say the little ones clung to his legs, they ripped them off. The mother looked at them with indifference, then turned and left without saying anything. After being treated, the little ones returned to their new parents.

Elena remembers that the first night, when she made their bed, they whispered, “Oh, Mom, how sweet! It was so cold at home and very dirty,” – my heart sank at those words. Now Maxim is 5 years old, Dima is 4 years old, Maxim thinks like an adult: “You know, mom, I will be like our dad, I will have a big family, a house and a jeep, and I will never leave my little ones! “.

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