The small child had the cutest reaction as her father gives her her first rain experience.

It’s touching to see Don Swift, a loving father, walk his toddler Harper out onto their Atlanta, Georgia, driveway for the first time in the rain.

Make sure you read all the way to the end to see the whole video.

Most people can’t remember their first steps or their first ice cream cone. The aggregate of all those small events, though, might have the largest impact on your life.

This is why parents treasure the opportunity to view their children’s excitement via their eyes. It is an honor to witness children appreciate connecting with nature.

In this particular video, a father in Atlanta, Georgia is introducing his daughter to the beauty of rain. As the rain begins to pick up, the girl is clearly delighted with the downpour. The dad then pulls the ultimate surprise when he takes the toddler outside to feel the rain for herself.

Nothing beats the feel of warm summer rain on your skin. What a lucky girl to have a father who is ready to let her experience it. This cute short clip demonstrates that children do not need expensive travels and experiences to appreciate life.

You can demonstrate your affection for your children by assisting them in enjoying the simple things in life. After seeing this video, make sure to share it with your friends and family to promote the message of accepting life’s tiny moments. And tell us: Do you remember the first time you saw rain?

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