Pitbull is excited to meet his human sibling and does the cutest thing possible.

When their pets meet their infants for the first time, many parents are cautious. They are concerned that their sharp nails or teeth will irritate their newborns’ sensitive skin. However, this is frequently not the case. Pets can be extremely gentle with newborns. They can be true inspirations and teach children some of life’s most important lessons.

Nova, a Pitbull, was a puppy when he became a member of Kayla’s household. He was a devoted, goofy, inquisitive, lively, loyal, and protective dog. Kayla and her husband have a tiny dog named Teddy as well. Nova was very kind and cuddly with Teddy. Teddy, on the other hand, was more bashful and liked to be alone than Nova.

Nonetheless, Nova never missed an opportunity to play with Teddy. Nova’s behavior with Teddy demonstrated that he was full of love and compassion. This convinced Kayla that Nova would make an excellent big brother.

Nova would constantly stay with Kayla when she was pregnant, his face against her stomach. No matter what, he made sure he was wrapped up in bed with Kayla. He seemed to sense the baby inside Kayla’s stomach. Kayla mistook the Pitbull’s behavior for excitement about meeting the newborn.

Nova was excited to see the newborn Liliana when the baby was finally born and the couple came home with her. At the same time, Kayla was curious to watch how he interacted with the infant. The new mother was relieved that Nova had not let her down.

Nova’s eyes grew enormous as they arrived home. He instantly began sniffing the newborn. The Pitbull was ecstatic. At the same time, he recognized the importance of being kind and cautious around the baby. So anytime the baby cried, Nova would rush over to see what was happening.

Nova was fiercely protective of Liliana, and she adored him. She would always pet him with her tiny hands, and he relished the head scratches. Kayla was astounded by how her two dogs, Nova and Teddy, treated their daughter like big brothers.

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