When a restaurant owner gets fed up and hangs a sign that says «Politically Incorrect,» sales skyrocket… View the video below…

One Texas restaurant company has had it with the pressure for «political correctness.» The owner posted a notice stating that they will not bow to the demands of others. Almost immediately, sales began to skyrocket.

According to ABC News, Jeff Anon, CEO of Berryhill Baja Grill, was fed up with how sensitive everyone had become. He resolved to do everything in his power to combat politically correct folks who believe they can dictate how everyone else speaks.

Anon warned his customers that if he became too «politically incorrect,» he would irritate them. In fact, signs were placed in all nine of Anon’s Texas eateries to inform customers that neither he nor his employees are politically correct. People might also leave if they didn’t like what they saw, according to the signs.

So, if you visit a Berryhill Baja grill, you’ll notice signs outside that state, «Notice: This store is politically incorrect.» We greet each other with «God bless America» and «Merry Christmas.» We salute our flag and express gratitude to our soldiers, police officers, and firefighters. You are free to leave if this makes you uncomfortable. «We have faith in God.»

«I just got tired of hearing about how everyone has to be politically correct in the news,» Anon explained. He claimed he’d seen enough national squabbles about things like Christmas, such as the social media outcry over Starbucks’ red holiday cups. Anon, a practicing Jew, added that he doesn’t understand why people get so worked up over the words «Merry Christmas.»

«It’s OK to say «Merry Christmas» instead of «Happy Holidays.» «People are being nice when they say ‘Merry Christmas,'» Anon said. «They’re not trying to be offensive or religious.»

It’s a simple concept, and if a Jewish man doesn’t mind being wished Merry Christmas rather than Happy Hanukkah, why should anyone else? Anon’s eateries are even more unique because he decorates them for Christmas and Hanukkah. This exemplifies what true tolerance, acceptance, and coexistence look like. Contrary to popular belief, it does not include leaving people out with the idea of being «politically correct.»

The CEO also received a lot of assistance in his work. «It’s wonderful that so many individuals have offered assistance. «People are asking us a lot to get the sign,» Anon added, adding that for every nasty comment, he gets «hundreds» of good ones.

«Some people say you shouldn’t bring your religion to work,» Anon explained. «We’re not trying to bring religion to work.» It has nothing to do with religion. «It’s in keeping with the holiday spirit.»

In fact, it’s refreshing to see someone stand up to others who are overly sensitive and easily hurt. It’s time to quit saying sorry when we don’t have to, such as when we wish someone a happy holiday by saying «Merry Christmas» or «God bless.» You should not feel offended if you receive this type of greeting. Instead, simply say, «Thank you.» After all, it’s a positive thing to say, not a negative one.

Perhaps if we all learnt from Jeff Anon’s approach, we could finally put an end to the «politically correct» lunacy that appears to want to ruin everything by finding a reason to be offended even when there isn’t one. Those who disagree with the sign can eat elsewhere, as the sign states.

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