How does the eight-year-old child who was born without a nose currently live?

Tessa Evans, like any other child, enjoys dancing, pranks, going on walks outside, and kissing.

If she hadn’t been born with a rare anomaly, she could have been a fairly ordinary girl.

In fact, the newborn has no nose.

Tessa, who is one and a half years old, has aplasia, which is the absence of any portion of the body or organ from birth, in this case the nose.

Only 47 cases of this disease have been reported in the United Kingdom.

Despite the fact that the infant lacks a sense of smell and sinuses, she can cough, sneeze, and even catch a cold.

Despite the obstacles she faces, the baby’s face is constantly bright with a brilliant smile.

The girl’s parents were originally surprised as to how their daughter could have been born without a nose, but they grew accustomed to the baby’s abnormalities and no longer noticed them.

Tessa’s issue was detected during an ultrasound check, which revealed that the kid had an unnaturally flat profile on her face.

The parents were asked to abort the pregnancy, but they refused, and the baby eventually found herself at home after several weeks in the hospital.

In addition to aplasia, the girl has heart and vision difficulties.

She had cataract surgery on her left eye at 11 weeks, but complications left her entirely blind in one eye.

Tessa also had a tracheostomy, which allowed her to breathe while feeding and sleeping.

Despite the rough start to life, the baby is not disheartened and is prepared for a series of nose prosthesis operations.

Her nose will grow with her and be replaced as needed with a larger one.

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