The young man, who hadn’t extended an invitation to his less fortunate father for the wedding, was taken aback when the host made a toast on behalf of the bride’s father.

Anatoly was raised in a humble household. His parents put in tremendous effort to ensure that their sole successor had everything he needed. The challenges that Pavel Anatolyevich faced in supporting his son’s education were known to him alone.

In spite of the hardships faced by the elderly couple, Pavel and Elizaveta managed to nurture an intelligent and ambitious young man. Soon after completing his university studies, Anatoly left his parents’ home in the rural areas and relocated to the capital city. Tolya swiftly secured a prestigious job and even found a life partner in Masha. Despite the tales circulating at the university about her affluent parents, Masha remained a humble individual.

Following a promotion at his workplace, Tolya proposed to Masha, and his elation was palpable as he shared the news with his father. «She actually said ‘yes,’ can you believe it, Dad?» Toly couldn’t contain his enthusiasm. On the other end of the line, Pavel Anatolyevich exclaimed, «So, should I dust off that suit from the closet, my dear Tolenka? Oh, how long he had waited for this moment.»

«Dad, let me explain… In a nutshell, we’ve decided to have a small gathering with friends, spend some time together, and then each go our own way. Don’t worry, I’ll introduce you to Masha after the wedding,» Tolya reassured his disappointed father.

After hanging up the phone, Anatoly let out a sigh of relief. Tolya truly cared for his father, but he didn’t want to find himself in an uncomfortable situation due to a parent who was unfamiliar with Michelin-star restaurants, had never traveled abroad, and couldn’t discuss topics like cryptocurrency.

The eagerly awaited and momentous day had arrived. Anatoly was taken aback when the toastmaster announced a toast from the bride’s side. Sergey Ashotovich escorted Tolya’s father into the hall, guiding the modest and unassuming man by the arm. «I am honored to introduce to you my new family member, who dedicated his health and youth to toiling in the mines, all so that his son would never experience want.»

«Parents are sacred, Tolya. Treasure your father; you only have one,» Tolya’s father-in-law concluded, shaking hands with Tolya’s father, who stood amidst the tables in an old-fashioned suit with patches on the elbows.

Anatoly couldn’t hold back his tears as he enveloped his aging parent in a tight embrace. «Tolya, we planned to give you a surprise. Don’t be upset with the old man,» Tolya’s father said with a smile. Sergey Ashotovich knowingly patted Tolya on the shoulder. «I’ve already coordinated with the crew for renovations; our grandchildren will be spending time at grandpa’s summer house during the summer,» Sergey Ashotovich exclaimed, making his way towards the nearby table.

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