The young boy had apprehensions about spending his birthday in solitude, but his wishes were fulfilled with a dream vacation. What’s more, he received well-wishes directly from Ryan Reynolds himself.

A Canadian student had concerns about spending his birthday without any well-wishes, but those worries turned out to be unnecessary. The boy’s parents shared his apprehensions online, and the response was overwhelming with people sending him gifts and messages. The most remarkable surprise came from none other than Ryan Reynolds, as not everyone has the privilege of receiving heartfelt greetings from their idol.

Damien Smith, a nine-year-old from Canada, had concerns about not receiving gifts or birthday wishes. However, thanks to the thoughtfulness of his parents and strangers on the internet, he experienced a surprise that seemed like a dream. Aware of their son’s worries, Damien’s parents decided to seek help on Facebook.

About a month before Damien’s birthday, they established a dedicated account called the «Damiens Birthday Project,» encouraging people to send postcards to the young schoolboy. The idea turned out to be a huge success: by the end of October, the family was inundated with a plethora of letters and gift boxes. Damien’s mother shared a picture of this overwhelming response on a page dedicated to him.

However, the most astonishing surprise was orchestrated by Ryan Reynolds. Due to the efforts of compassionate strangers who flooded his social media, the actor learned that Damien is an admirer of his work. Consequently, Ryan Reynolds sent a congratulatory video to the boy’s parents. Damien’s mother revealed that the video from the star of Deadpool arrived a month prior to the young student’s birthday, yet Damien requested that the gift be kept a secret.

And on November 23, his birthday, Damien received more than a thousand congratulations, including cards, parcels and gifts from many countries of the world. But the highlight of the program was a video prepared by Ryan Reynolds. After seeing the message of his idol, Damien became emotional and hugged his mother. The parents also filmed the boy’s reaction to such a surprise and published the video on November 24.

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