Video: Although Dad performs the national anthem, Baby’s dramatic backup vocals steal the show.

Dad started singing ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ and his young child was delighted and joined him in singing the national song.

She immediately joined in and gave her father a beat to follow when he started singing «The Star-Spangled Banner.» She smiled from ear to ear as the US National Anthem reached its climax, letting her father’s passion pour through her.

Our star is grinning and dancing merrily in his highchair when Daddy begins the song. The baby starts singing along as soon as the song starts. She shows how much he loves it by hitting those high notes with her entire teeny-tiny body. One of the sweetest duets I’ve ever heard is this one.

When the father begins to sing, «And the rockets’ crimson glow,» his child has already raised her arms in the air and is dancing to the music like a professional dancer. Like any great performer, you can see the enthusiasm on her face.

Millions of people are watching and listening to this charming duet of the National Anthem. Singing is something that babies like doing. When others sing to them, they are ecstatic. That is why lullabies are so effective. It even aids in the development of speech in infants.

This song is by no means a traditional lullaby. This infant reacts positively to «The Star-Spangled Banner.» Without a doubt, she is familiar with the tune. Her father must often sing the song to her. She stretches her arms wide and squeals baby sounds to her favorite parts.

This little one is actually keeping time for most of the song. This baby is not simply cute; he also has artistic talent and a natural affinity for music. Dad, keep singing to your daughter! She’ll keep surprising you and us.

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