With a classic nursery rhyme, a cute 2-year-old breaks the internet.

A lot of individuals were raised singing nursery rhymes, and they shared these rhymes with their own kids. Whether it was Humpty Dumpty or The Wheels on the Bus, these rhymes were all engaging. One charming child managed to capture the affection of millions through her rendition of «Old MacDonald.»

Josie, an affectionate toddler of two years, possesses a fondness for animals just like any other child. Her parents even bought her a finger puppet toy featuring animals from the barnyard. Little did Josie know that the ensuing events would propel her to fame.

Back in 2014, she charmingly performed her own version of «Old MacDonald» while standing in the doorway of her parent’s bedroom. Even though she didn’t comprehend all the lyrics, her determination to give her best remained unwavering.

Dogs, cats, cows, and even a small duck are among the animals she sings about. The endearing performance will make your cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. As she concludes the nursery rhyme with a boom, you can’t help but laugh.

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