Brigitte Bardot is 88 years old, and here is how she appears today…

Brigitte Bardot, the renowned actress, is still gorgeous and appealing at the age of 88.

Brigitte was a quiet, reserved child. She was troubled by the fact that she didn’t think she was attractive.

Ballet helped her achieve poise and confidence. She was subsequently invited to participate in a magazine photo shoot, and she came to prominence as a model.

She arrived in a bikini at the 1953 Cannes Film Festival before heading to the beach. She drew the attention of photographers since her beauty outshone that of the stars. This is how the star’s career got started.

She has appeared in almost 50 films. She has a son and has been married on several occasions. At the age of 39, she declared her retirement.

The actress revealed that she was tired of being in the spotlight and that she wanted to stop having her name in the headlines all the time.

Bardot’s work began in animal welfare. In 1986, she founded a non-profit organization and sold all of her jewels to fund it.

She is still active at the age of 88. She opted against having plastic surgery and kept her natural attractiveness.

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