A modeling agency rejects a baby with Down syndrome, and his mother has a reaction.

Most of you have undoubtedly seen our video star on television or in a magazine. Asher Nash, who is 18 months old in this video, is an adorable and camera-obsessed youngster who was a few years ago one of OshKosh B’Gosh’s faces. But he was about to lose this fantastic job. This film tells the story of Asher, his family, and his community working together to create a fantastic message.

Asher has Down Syndrome, you see. Because Asher enjoys being in front of the camera and is one of the cutest toddlers in town, his mother, Meagan, wanted to have professional photographs taken of him and submit them to a modeling agency. This sweetheart had to be picked up for something, didn’t she?

There would be no calls, as it turned out. Meagan eventually decided to ask about the problem with one of the organizations. They informed her that Asher’s images will not be submitted because no companies specifically required photos of youngsters with special needs. What exactly is going on here?

Meagan couldn’t see the logic in this — Asher, as you can see, is a potential star — just look at his delight in the photos. As a result, Meagan made the decision to act. She believed that modeling should be available to all children, regardless of disability.

Asher’s Allstars was born. Asher’s family and the community banded together to draw attention to this adorable tot and the persecution he and other disabled children face. Meagan received a phone call that would change everything.

Meagan was overjoyed to hear from OshKosh B’Gosh after only expecting a phone call. Asher’s mother wanted to show them images of her son and convey her unhappiness that companies were not receiving information about disabled child models. OshKosh B’Gosh not only agreed with Meagan, but they also wanted Asher to be a model for them.

This triggered a change in advertising: employers began gathering information about all qualified persons, regardless of disability status. Asher and his family have made a significant contribution to the field of child models.

Asher has already modeled for Babies R Us, and we’re confident that he’ll be seen in a lot of advertising in the future because to his amazing effervescent temperament. Watch this heartwarming story about a mother fighting for her son’s best interests and the tremendous success she achieves. Asher is a lovely young man.

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