A boy was born with a lot of wrinkles, and then the shocking reality was revealed…

We strive to present a variety of inspiring stories about amazing children who defied expectations and achieved success. And Tomm Tennet’s narrative can bring our audience to tears.

Tomm was born with enough skin to cover a 5-year-old toddler. The little newborn with so many wrinkles that the doctors said they had never seen anything remotely like in their life.
Geoff Tennent, Tomm’s father, told 60 Minutes Australia in 2003, «When he came out, I was quite surprised (…) I didn’t believe a person, or a little baby, could ever look like that.»
Tomm and his family have been on a long and winding journey since his unusual birth; nonetheless, when we look at him now in the year 2022, it is impossible not to cry…

Tomm Tennent was born in South East Australia in 1993, and his parents got the unmistakable sensation that he was going to be an exceptional child from the moment he was born.

But no one could have predicted that their son would be categorized as a medical mystery when he was an adult. Ultrasounds, on the other hand, revealed that not everything had gone as planned.

When Tomm’s parents discovered this, they were torn over whether or not to continue raising their son.

“We kind of talked this amongst ourselves, and we concluded what’s meant to be is meant to be and we went through with it,” Geoff Tennent, Tomm’s dad, said.

Despite all of the diagnostic procedures and examinations Tomm had on a regular basis, no one could have foreseen how serious his condition would become. His parents openly admitted that the first time they saw their son, they were taken aback.

Tomm’s mother, Debbie Tennent, was taken aback when her son was placed on her chest in the delivery room. «My heart came up to my throat,» she said, «but it was great to take him up and hold him.»

Medical doctors were baffled by the child who was born with wrinkles due to an excess of skin. They were unable to pinpoint what caused Tomm’s additional skin, and as a result, they had no therapy or solution for his disease. All they could do at first was hope that as he grew older, he would mature into his appearance.

However, because Tomm was so unusual, researchers decided to spend both time and resources researching his ailment in the hopes of throwing light on the enigma that surrounds it.

Tomm would end up spending a total of two and a half months at a medical facility being checked and tested. In any event, scientists were up against a huge challenge. There was no model to follow because Tomm was the only child ever documented to have been born with so much skin.

Obviously, the Tennent family was going through a really tough time. Nobody wants to spend the first several months of their child’s life in the hospital, especially if they have recently given birth. When Geoff and Debbie stared at their strong kid, they felt renewed power. Tomm never stopped behaving like a sweet and innocent child, and he was completely unaware of his predicament.

Throughout this time, the doctors never ceased trying to solve Tomm’s medical problems. They did everything they could to find one. They continued their study and made an unexpected discovery. The specialists saw aesthetic similarities between the Tomm and the Shar Pei, a prominent dog species in China. They were able to find some answers as a result of this discovery.

Tomm’s level of Hyaluronic acid, which is naturally present in skin, was discovered to be one hundred times higher than the average. This is similar to what happens with Shar Pei puppies.

Given that hyaluronic acid levels fall in Shar Peis as they age, resulting in a more typical skin appearance, the doctors hoped and prayed that this would also be the case with Tomm. That, thankfully, was the case.

Tomm’s doctor, Dr. Andrew Ramsden, anticipated that the condition would most likely diminish away as he aged. And he was completely correct. Throughout his childhood, Tomm triumphed through adversity. Even though he was well-liked and well-known in his hometown, some people couldn’t help but make fun of him, especially when he first started school. Some of the younger children refused to engage in play with him.

However, Tomm did not let this discourage him, and as a result, it did not take him long to establish a huge number of friends and become fully integrated into his school. Tomm’s appearance remained a little askew during these years, but not quite as bad as it had been when he was born.

Tomm was born 29 years ago, which shocked the physicians. Following the broadcast of the 60 Minutes episode, an incredible number of viewers were curious as to how things turned out for the tiny child with an abundance of skin. On the other side, there hasn’t been much of a response from traditional media.

Even after reviewing his social media accounts, we still don’t know much about Tomm’s current life. According to his Facebook, he has married the woman he has spent his entire life to, Hannah. The couple appears to be happy with each other and appears to live in Frankston, a Melbourne suburb in Victoria, Australia.

It must be amazing to see him now, with the same great smile that he had 20 years ago.

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