Robin Williams’ wife shares the last three words he said to her before passing away.

Robin Williams has been captivating audiences around the world with his contagious smile and countless on-screen personas for nearly seven years. He was clearly one of the greatest entertainers, comedians, and household names of all time, yet few are aware of his more personal life.

Robin Williams' wife recalls the last words he said to her before his death  |

He suffered in silence for years from a variety of mental health issues, including severe depression. After his death, an autopsy indicated he had Lewy Body dementia as well as Parkinson’s disease.

Robin Williams was a family man—a dedicated husband and father when he wasn’t making the world laugh from their belly. Susan, his wife, claimed the love they had was greater than she could have anticipated.

«It’s the best love I’ve ever dreamed of,» she remarked in an ABC interview. «You know, it’s what I always imagined a love would be like, as just honor, love, respect.»For better or worse, the two spent three years living life together. Susan was there for the «worse» when Robin’s despair caused unpleasant days.

Robin Williams's widow: 'There were so many misunderstandings about what  had happened to him' | Movies | The Guardian

Of course, there were good days, and it just so happened that the actor’s farewell remarks to his wife reflected those «better» times. Susan recalls lying in bed next to her husband right before they fell asleep. He sat up fast and asked her politely if she wanted a foot rub. Susan gently declined the offer and closed her eyes to sleep.

Robin moved over to his wife and murmured three words into her ear just before doing the same: «Goodnight, my love.»The events of the next 12 hours, of course, were what finally led to Robin Williams’ suicide. But there’s no doubt that in her time of grief, confusion, and pain, Susan has those three final words from her husband etched into her mind and heart.

The day Robin died, the world lost an extraordinary human being. He is missed by many, and his acting is a nostalgic presence that will forever be welcome on our television screens.

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