The 45-year-old mother is glad she kept twins with Down syndrome instead of giving them up for adoption.

It’s no surprise that babies with Down syndrome are commonly referred to be «sunny.» After all, these kids are known for their friendliness, great responsiveness, genuine joy, and philanthropy. However, many parents are taken aback after learning about such a condition in their unborn children. They require time to accept their current situation and become truly satisfied.

So J. McConnell, 45, was shocked to learn that both of her future twins would have a genetic illness. Her initial inclination was to place the boys for adoption. But she found the strength to deal with the circumstances. Looking ahead, we can be certain that Mom did not regret it.

Julie and her husband, Dan, planned the pregnancy consciously and knew about the possible risks of conceiving and carrying a baby. But they so wanted another girl and could not miss their chance, despite the fact that the couple already had four children.

When the woman was already pregnant, she was surprised by the news of the twins. But other news shocked her greatly: both boys (according to the conclusion of the amniotic fluid analysis made at 15 weeks of pregnancy) were supposed to be born with Down syndrome.

Before starting a family, the McConnells were told about the risks of pathologies linked with their parents’ ages.

The McConnells say that the day their future children were diagnosed was the saddest day of their lives, and the months that followed were painfully terrible and traumatic.

Julie and Dan were terrified because they couldn’t conceive how they would raise children with special needs. However, after speaking with couples who had previously experienced a similar experience and receiving specific information, it became easier for them to accept the current circumstance.

During Julie’s tough pregnancy, the McConnells read a lot of literature about «sunny» youngsters and came to terms with how they would raise and communicate with their twins. The fear of their birth faded over time, and it was replaced by confidence and peace.

When a lady saw her twins for the first time, she felt tremendous joy and realized the mistake she may have made. «Just looking at them makes my heart race!» Julie agrees.

So far, the McConnells are content. Geminis are universally adored! Their family look after them and are often impressed by the amusing and good-natured small lads. Older brothers are always willing to support, protect, and assist children. Andy, who is three years old, for example, always presents Charlie and Milo to new people and brings their favorite toys behind them (dolls especially enjoyed by the twins).

Everyone is aware that the possibility of having a special child increases with the age of the expectant mother. So, at the age of 25, the likelihood of having a baby with Down syndrome is 1/1400, but after 40 years, it is approximately 1/60. However, the likelihood of producing identical twins with a comparable genetic abnormality is roughly 14:1,000,000 persons.

They try to spend more time with the kids, but they are very worried about their future: how others will treat them, whether their children will be abused and ridiculed, how they will realize themselves in the future. But this is already after … In the meantime, the McConnell family is happy and enjoying every day they live! We also wish them success in raising children and prosperity!

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