Pierce Brosnan’s reaction to comments about his wife’s weight is priceless…

Platitudes abound in Hollywood.

One of the most common examples is when older men in prominent celebrities date beautiful models half their age.

Even if you might think actor Pierce Brosnan fits the bill, he has proven his critics wrong.

Pierce’s wife, Keely, is not just ten years younger, but also not a size zero!

The adorable pair have been together since 1994.

When Keely, a TV correspondent, attended a party in Mexico, they ended up becoming friends.

She intended to speak with Ted Danson, but instead, she got to know Pierce.

“He had me captivated.”

In 2001, Keely described himself as «tall, dark, and attractive—everything that would instantly draw anyone.»

The Irish-born actor was in desperate need of Keely at the time.

He was recently widowed after his wife Cassandra died of ovarian cancer.
Pierce died soon after adopting Cassandra’s children, Charlotte and Chris, leaving him a single parent.

Pierce praised Keely in an interview, saying, “Keely has always been kind and caring and encouraged me to mourn Cassie.”

«I can’t take my mind off her. Keely is probably my North Star because she is constantly on the lookout for me.»

The couple expanded their blended family in 1997.

Their son, Dylan, was born on January 13, 1997. Pierce and Keely’s second child, Paris, was born on February 27, 2001.

Because he was raised without a father, Pierce «cherishes» every second of parenting.

Everyone understands how taxing pregnancy can be on a woman’s body.
Keely acquired some weight as a result of her two children’s births.

People weren’t very nice about it since we live in a shallow world.

Why Pierce would stay with someone whose appearance had changed so significantly was a topic of discussion.

These critics fail to acknowledge the fact that Keely and Pierce have a deeper love than meets the eye.

Pierce adores his wife for who she is on the inside—as a mother, a wife, and a person.

Nothing on the scale would ever be able to modify it.

Even when trolls attempt to disparage her weight, he has been her strongest ally.

Jenelle Evans, a star of “Teen Mom,” launched one of these assaults.

In 2021, she posted a comparison shot of the star and his wife on the beach on her Facebook page.

The photographs, taken roughly 20 years apart, show how the couple’s weight has changed over time.

Jenelle captioned the photo «This is us,» and tagged her husband David Eason.

Eason was concerned by the analogy. He commented that we don’t appear to be overweight.

«Close to it,» Janelle remarked, laughing. Following widespread criticism, Facebook intervened and temporarily banned the two.

Keely receives weight-related comments from more than just random individuals.

Additionally, it has come up among their own pals.

In response to a question about his thoughts regarding Keely’s weight change, he stated, “Friends offered her surgery to lessen her weight.”

Pierce was passionately opposed to this since he likes her physique exactly the way it is.

It has also come up among their own friends.

In response to a question about his thoughts on Keely’s weight loss, he remarked, «Friends offered her surgery to lessen her weight.»
Pierce is vehemently opposed to this since he likes her body precisely as it is.

«In the past, I actually loved her for who she was, not just her beauty,» he said, «and now that she is the mother of my children, I love her even more.» And I am extremely proud of her, and I strive to be worthy of her love.»

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