A nine-year-old girl wakes up after drowning in a pool and talks about extremely surprising things…

Annie detailed her amazing visit to Heaven and recalled seeing a «guy in white» in the swimming pool.

In the summer of 2018, the Powell family was having fun in the sun at a pool when their nightmare began.

Pastor Dave Powell eventually noticed a man exiting the river while carrying a girl in his arms. The girl clearly needed medical attention.
I saw a man carrying a young girl out, who was just drooping over his arms. And he was requesting assistance. “Help me!” he cried. Please help!” Dave stated.

The father and his wife, Cathy, quickly identified the youngster as Annie, their 9-year-old daughter.
While an ambulance was being sent to the scene, the lifeguard approached the drowning girl and performed CPR.

«I saw Annie was blue from her chest up, and her eyes were rolled back in her head,» Cathy recalled during CPR. She appeared to be dead. She was also my little girl. She was only nine years old. And because I was feeling so helpless, I begged God not to take her. «Let her return.»

After being given oxygen, the girl was taken to a neighboring hospital as soon as the ambulance arrived.

Her parents had by this time understood how grave the situation was. The physicians were trying to save the life of their young daughter who had drowned while she was still breathing.

A different hospital had to be summoned in order to transport the girl, who had gone into cardiac arrest and respiratory failure, and make sure she received medical care.
The knowledge that she is not totally fine, despite the fact that she is breathing, «clicked» at that time. Furthermore, I was intrigued by what was going on. Her father also asked if she would ever be the same.

Doctors were trying everything they could to rescue the girl when Annie’s loved ones and church members began to pray for her.

The Powells’ local church set aside time for Annie’s prayers the next day. The girl’s parents were appreciative of their community’s outpouring of support and maintained their belief in their daughter’s speedy recovery.

The next day, physicians told Annie’s parents that she would be fine because her blood and oxygen levels were improving.
In reality, Annie was released from the hospital only five days after being treated, with no physical or mental problems or memory loss.

The young girl then told her parents and the rest of the world about what she thought she saw in Heaven.

«I noticed a variety of colored butterflies.» They weren’t your average, everyday colors, you understand. The colors were impossible to conceive. I simply felt it all around me and was overcome with joy and love.

Annie also claimed seeing a man in white assisting her in the pool, whom she believed was either Jesus or an angel.

The girl is okay today and content with her exceptional yet terrible experience.

In the video below, the family shares the incident and their special experience.

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