Adorable Two-Year-Old Sings the National Anthem

A audience at a Varsity Basketball game in Manahawkin, NJ (Southern Regional) was treated to a nice surprise! Clark Harris, a Cincinnati Bengals player who attended the NJ school, stepped onto the court with his 2-year-old son in his arms. Trent Harris began his touching rendition of «The Star-Spangled Banner» beside his father.

Trent begins to sing nervously, muttering the first phrase. He gains confidence with the second line, and Daddy exits the court quietly. Trent continues to sing as the audience watches intently.

Trent has mastered the song, as seen by his rendition of the «rocket’s red glare.» The audience laughs as he begins the portion where the bombs explode in the air.

The National Anthem is a difficult song for a toddler to sing in front of a large crowd, but he does an excellent job! He must have been practicing at home for quite some time! He not only remembered the phrases, but he also avoided stage fright. His parents must have been as happy as the audience.

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