Adam Lambert’s stunning rendition of Cher’s «Believe» impacts everyone, including Cher herself…

Adam Lambert has had a fantastic career, and it appears that he is only beginning.

Lambert’s musical career took off after finishing second on the eighth season of the popular reality show «American Idol,» with the publication of the enormously successful album «For Your Entertainment» first.

With the top-charting single «Whataya Want From Me,» Lambert was recognized by reviewers for his talent and dedication to his craft.

However, it was his participation in Queen’s six-concert tour in 2011 that really solidified Lambert’s reputation as an industry legend. The band decided to bring Lambert on full-time after reading the positive reviews and Freddie Mercury similarities.

Brian May, the original guitarist for Queen, frequently compliments Lambert on the range and caliber of his voice. May compared the experience of watching Lambert grow as a vocalist to the time spent watching Mercury practice his craft.

Lambert just took on a new challenge, as if becoming the new frontman for Queen wasn’t enough for him enough.

Lambert’s moving rendition of Cher’s song «Believe» at a ceremony in her honor drove the woman to tears. Lambert routinely nails the high notes, whether performing his own songs or renditions of other artists’ songs.

View the video below:

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