Two children stacked firewood in order to get tickets to Luke Combs’ concert… What the singer did in response will melt your heart…

Early financial education is essential for children. It may be more rewarding for children to earn what they desire rather than beg their parents to pay for it.

Recently, two young youngsters worked tirelessly to pay for their favorite country artist’s performance tickets. It paid off handsomely when they received a personal mention from the musician himself.

Luke Combs is one of the most popular country music artists right now. «When It Rains It Pours,» «Beautiful Crazy,» and «Beer Never Broke My Heart» are among his most well-known tunes.

When the singer’s show was set for Bangor, Maine, Bo Fenderson, 12, and his friend Tanner, also 12, decided they had to go.

However, concert tickets are expensive. According to Bo’s mother Desiree, «the concert was brought up, and it was an immediate, yes.» However, the tickets were expensive.

The boys’ parents agreed that they could go as long as they could pay for their own tickets. The diligent lads got directly to work and were employed to stack wood.

After winning $100 each, the boys were on their way to see Luke Combs perform. They were able to obtain first-class tickets close to the stage, and by holding up a banner outlining their journey, they ensured that everyone understood how hard they had to work to be there.

According to their poster, «we made $100 stacking 5 cords of wood, bought 2 Luke Combs tickets.» He sounds fantastic, man. But our forefathers were misguided. They claimed it was a waste of their time. Today is my 12th birthday, and Lord when it rains, it pours.

Luke Combs spotted the note and halted his act to thank the children.

He came to a halt to speak with the lads and was amazed that they had made so much money on their own. He then decided to take drastic measures.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out $140 in cash, which he then handed over to them as payment. In this location, I only have $140. If you desire it, you must repay yourself. Combs assures her, «I’ll get you some more.»

Combs may be seen in the video signing the boys’ hats and pledging to purchase them «shirts and things» after the concert.

He reached us, and we were able to meet with him. «I thought that was really cool,» Bo added.

Backstage, the country music artist greeted the lads and their families and posed for photos with the kids. The country artist went above and beyond to make their parents’ night extra special, which moved them.

Desiree saw him as a fantastic role model since he took the time to honor what they had done. Not only Luke worked hard to make it happen, but the rest of the crew also worked hard to find the boys and us in order to keep his promise to them.

These young people not only attended a concert they will never forget, but they also gained insight into the value of perseverance.

Hard work and kindness are the two things in life that matter most, according to Bo.

Tanner added, “Work is rewarded.

Luke Combs has developed a reputation for being incredibly kind to his concertgoers. He recently made news after refunding the audience for a concert because his voice wasn’t in the best condition, despite the fact that he played the entire event.

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