Mariska Hargitay Nearly Divorced Her Husband of 19 Years, But Then Something Amazing Happened

Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann’s marriage has endured the test of time, as they just celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary. Mariska Hargitay, best known for her appearance in «Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,» and her husband, Peter Hermann, celebrated nearly two decades of marriage. Their journey, however, was not without difficulties.

Their love affair began on the set of «Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,» where their chemistry was immediately apparent. Their bond became stronger, and their first date, an unexpected meeting at a church, lay the groundwork for their long-lasting romance. Reflecting on those early days, Hargitay joked, «I thought he was Superman.»

Despite their promising start, they encountered a rough patch that nearly led to a breakup. Hargitay confided in a friend about a heartfelt conversation with Hermann that left her in tears and questioning the future of their relationship. Christopher Meloni, a co-star and friend, had an uncanny prediction that belied the turmoil: “You’ll be married within five months.” And indeed, Meloni’s foresight prevailed.

Their stunning wedding on August 28, 2004, in Santa Barbara demonstrated the depth of their love. Hargitay looked stunning in a classic Carolina Herrera gown, with exquisite gardenias and flowers in her hair. The couple exchanged vows in a poignant ceremony, decorated by an e.e. cummings poem read by Hargitay’s father, with Hermann dressed in a classy Dolce and Gabbana suit.

A jubilant rendition of «Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,» joined by a gospel choir, continued the celebration. The celebration, which was attended by celebrities such as Jodie Foster and Hilary Swank, was lavish. With stunning floral displays and vine-covered alcoves, a lush, forest-inspired atmosphere enveloped guests.

Notably, Hargitay’s jewelry has sentimental meaning, representing her mother and grandmother. Her locket, which was embellished with their photographs, offered a particular touch to her outfit.

Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann are now living proof of love’s tenacity. The path from their first meeting through enduring storms and raising a family of five demonstrates the depth of their bond. Hargitay beautifully expressed their enduring relationship as they celebrated their 19th anniversary: «19 years. The best dance I’ve ever seen. «This is the only dance I’ve ever done in my life.»

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