These twins’ giggles while playing with their Pomeranian are contagious. You’ll both be laughing at the same moment.

Nothing brings me more joy than hearing a baby laugh. You can’t help but laugh along with them, no matter how hard you try not to. If you’re ever in a bad mood, watch a baby video. It will surely lift your spirits.

There are a lot of chuckling newborns on the internet, but this one might take the prize. Wait until you watch this beautiful video. A set of twins in this video can’t stop laughing as their Pomeranian performs stunts.

The dog is in the improvised playpen with the babies, who are leaning against the side to get a better look at their dog. When the owner offered him the incentives while still in the playpen, the dog sprang up to receive them. That was enough to ensure that the babies had a great time.

These two young men burst out laughing at the expense of the small dog, but the Pom seems unconcerned! In fact, the dog looks to be utterly unconcerned about the twins. For him, it’s all about the candy. Those belly laughs will melt your heart.

These twins are sobbing because they are laughing so hard. They appear to be too little to be able to laugh until they cry, but there’s something about this little dog that makes them giggle uncontrollably. While feeding the dog the treats, even mom is giggling at them.

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