Only a few of you can do it! Can you find all ten hidden creatures in this image?

IQ tests have been used for over a century. They were originally developed in France to assist in identifying pupils who required more assistance in school!

During World War I, the United States government utilized modified versions of these tests. Leaders in the armed forces understood that allowing unqualified individuals into battle may be dangerous. As a result, they used the tests to assist them in locating eligible individuals!

That is still done by the military today. The Armed Forces Qualification Test is one of several IQ tests available. According to Joel Schneider, IQ tests serve a variety of reasons. He works as a psychologist at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.

Some IQ tests are developed to evaluate children at specified ages. Some are intended for adults only. Some are even tailored to people with a certain disability.

Here are hidden: Bull, Smoking man, rooster, fox, parrot, deer, elephant, crocodile, horse, goose.

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