People have strong feelings about the father who relied on the crowd to «pass» his newborn to Dwayne…

There are mild, wild, and even bizarre fan events. Meeting your favorite celebrity, regardless of the setting, is an unforgettable experience!

When you hear the phrase «crowd surfing,» you probably envision rowdy throngs. It usually happens at loud concerts, such as punk or rock. In this case, The Rock encountered unusual crowd surfing.

Because the crowd surfer—a stunning newborn girl wrapped in a pink blanket—is actually the father of the “owner,” this might seem dubious to some people.

The incident occurred in Mexico during The Rock’s promotional tour for one of his most recent flicks. The Rock posted a clear video of Luciana, the infant girl, being tenderly given to him after briefly crowd-surfing.

The short video has about 19 million views on TikTok and 40 million views on Instagram. The Rock writes in his essay that he wasn’t surprised when the baby was brought to him because the father had already caught his eye before the crowd surfing began.

Her father «caught my attention because he had tears in his eyes,» the man alleged, when he brought her up high and motioned for me to cradle her. He claimed that he thought the father was holding a doll as a present for his youngster.

On both platforms, the comments section is separate. Naturally, some individuals thought the video was amazing and beneficial to them, while others expressed concern for the baby’s safety.

«I get it,» one commentator said, «but that had to be terrible and dangerous for that baby.» When that father returns home, he’ll have a lot to explain.

Here’s the link to the viral video:

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