The couple rejoiced the birth of twins, but following the doctor’s words, everyone went silent.

Matt and Jody Perry’s happy story began six years ago when the pair discovered Jody was pregnant for the second time. The couple already had a healthy boy, Finlay, and they had always wanted a daughter, and now they will have two twin girls.

The day the couple finally got their long-awaited girls was intended to be the finest day of their lives, but it was overshadowed by the doctor’s words, «I’m sorry.» Everyone is bracing themselves for bad news after hearing these words. But the pair had no idea what was in store for them.

Matt and Jody were unable to accept the doctor’s diagnosis right away. The twins were born prematurely and were both diagnosed with Down syndrome. The pair assumed she was prepared for whatever challenges fate would throw at them, but they did not expect to hear such comments.

Jody was taken aback by the tone of voice with which the doctor presented the diagnosis, more than by the doctor himself. According to Jody, «the doctor communicated the diagnosis as if it were a punishment.» On this day, a woman did not feel the joy that every mother felt at the birth of a child; instead, she was perplexed and believed that children would be a burden.

Sunny children were born with the condition as well as a number of other issues.

The pair quickly discovered that reality was not so pleasant. None of the parents were prepared for the arrival of such unusual children, and they had no idea that you could live joyfully and joyously even with such a problem.

Matt and Jody were worried about their girls’ ability to behave normally, whether they would talk, go to school, or make friends.

Year after year, the parents recognized how much joy they had received and that they were the happiest family.

Jody now claims that if she ran into the doctor again, she would ask him what he regretted, because their daughters are the best thing that ever happened to them.

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