During a pep rally, an officer joins the dancing squad and steals the show. Here’s a link to the video!

It’s a lot of fun to see. I believe he got it correctly!

For the most part, high school was a mixed bag of nice and painful experiences. Even Nonetheless, most individuals can agree that pep rallies and student dance routines are always hilarious! It wasn’t because the set was perfectly orchestrated or the performance was perfectly timed. It was commonly the inverse of such things! The performers contributed to the hilarity.

A lovely dance performed by a Chardon High School student club has become popular on the internet.

Chardon High School students in Chardon, Ohio, decided to post a rally routine they had planned. In the video, a group of black-clad students stomp their way to the center of the basketball floor.

They make their way to the center of the court, counting down, but something strange is going on? If we look closely, we can see a fully uniformed police officer dancing with the girls in the middle of the costume!

View the video here:

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