When Ina Garten was 15, she met her future husband. How they are still together is a miracle in the lives of renowned people. Look at the video below…

Their love letters have had a significant impact on this couple’s incredible 53-year love journey.

It is unusual to find someone who will make a lifelong commitment to you.
True love exists, but not everyone can identify it.

Some people, though, happen to run across the person they were intended to be with forever, and some of them even find their true love while still in their teens!
Actress Ina Garten is one of these lucky few.

The Barefoot Contessa actress is married to her lifelong lover Jeffrey, and their long-lasting love is an encouragement to others.

Jeffrey, the 71-year-old actor, first met the 70-year-old actress when she was just 15 years old.
Ina initially met Jeffrey, who was a student at the same college, when she went to see her brother at Dartmouth College in 1963.

When he saw her on the street, he wrote her a message and put a photo of himself in the envelope, according to Ina.

Ina recalls receiving Jeffrey’s letter as if it were yesterday.
The actress recalls her initial response to reading her future husband’s letter.

«Mom, Mom, you’ve got to see this image of this person,» she sobbed. He’s just lovely!

Their relationship began at that point, and five years later, they got married. It happened in 1968.

Jeffrey was sent to Thailand a year after their wedding to serve in the army.
The couple’s sole choice at the time was to converse via letters.

Even though their marriage was still in its infancy, they had to be apart, but they overcame it. Every day, he wrote to his wife, according to Jeffrey.

He couldn’t take his mind off her.

The call was too brief to cover everything the pair wanted to tell one other because they can only speak to each other once a year.

They discovered a means of communication through letters, and it was crucial to their love story.

The two of them were always looking for ways to enjoy each other’s company after Jeffrey returned.

They went on dates and even turned Paris into their second home.
They would visit the city every year on their anniversary.

Jeffrey, a Yale School of Management professor, used to fly to Connecticut every day to speak. Ina was the polar opposite while working from their East Hampton, New York, home.

They only got together on weekends.

For the next 40 years, the couple kept the same schedule, and each time, Jeffrey would write Ina a passionate love note, brightening her day.

When the epidemic began, the couple had the opportunity to live together in their home.
Even though they were spending every day together and enjoying it, Jeffrey continued to write letters to his adoring wife.

It was something that fueled their passion and elevated their story to the level of «couple goals.»

Isn’t this a sweet love story? Even after 53 years of marriage!

Watch the video below to learn more about the love story of this great couple.

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