Her parents refused to accept the fact that she would live the life of a vegetable.

The doctors predicted that their daughter would never be able to walk or talk. Five years have passed. Parental love can occasionally work miracles. What if they simply gave up? Daisy Mason, a five-year-old English girl, exhibits her ability to count in Spanish: «uno, dos, tres, cuatro.» It reaches 20 and cheerfully laughs.

Doctors promised this girl the life of a vegetable after she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of six weeks. Daisy’s parents, Lucy and Aidan Mason, were sympathetically told by the doctors that the child would never be able to speak even their native English.

Cerebral palsy is graded from 1 to 5, with 5 being the worst. Daisy has a score of 4. «Children at her level lack intelligence, do not speak, and are fed through a tube.» Daisy, we were told, would spend the rest of her life unmoving on the sofa, unable to move.
«My husband and I were unhappy, but only for a short time. You don’t have time to give up when you have such a special youngster.» Her parents hope that their example may encourage other fathers and mothers not to give up after a doctor’s judgment.

They really fought tooth and nail with the official British medical, asking that their daughter have a normal childhood. «Mom, don’t you understand that your child is hopeless?» I was questioned by a cerebral palsy specialist, who had only seen my kid twice.
She couldn’t go to the potty until she was one and a half years old, but I trained her against the doctors’ disbelief. My husband and I tried everything to get her moving after she learned to chew. It was revealed to be Barney bears.

We taught our daughter to read, count, talk and walk. With obsessive obstinacy, we taught her like a normal child. “Now, when she chirps without stopping, is it hard to believe that she was promised a lifetime of muteness?”

Daisy knows how to serve herself and enjoys participating in children’s activities. She can ride a horse, which not every healthy youngster her age can do. Daisy’s response when asked what she wants to be when she grows up is, «I want to teach Spanish at the university.»

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