A Mysterious Stranger Pays for a Woman’s Gas as She Is … | WATCH

We frequently hear about unpleasant things happening online in today’s environment. But every now and again, something wonderful and heartwarming happens to remind us of the kindness in humanity.

Consider the following scenario: a woman is at a petrol station, attempting to count her change in order to pay for gas. Many of us can relate to this predicament. But what occurs next is simply extraordinary.

A man is filling up his own automobile at the pump next to her. He notices the woman in distress and decides to assist her. He quietly inserts his gas nozzle into her tank and pays for her gas. He then drives away before she knows what has occurred. He doesn’t want to be thanked; he only wants to assist.

Someone in a neighboring parked automobile witnesses this wonderful act and films it. They film the moment the woman returns to her car and notices the gas nozzle. This stranger’s kindness astounded and moved her.

Some folks are wondering if the whole affair was staged for publicity. But, whether staged or not, it serves as a reminder of the type of good deeds that we should all strive to perform. Even in a negative world, there are people who desire to make a positive difference.

The video of this heartwarming act of kindness has spread widely on the internet. It shows us that even a small, simple act of kindness can have a big impact on someone’s life. In a world where we often hear about bad news, let’s take this as a reminder to be kind to one another and make the world a better place.

Watch the video below and see how a little act of kindness can brighten someone’s day.

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