Hero Nanny detects something «off» in the house, hears a disturbance upstairs, and takes the toddler into custody.

Jenny Lee Baker, a nanny in Southern California, was caught up in a stressful and potentially dangerous situation earlier this month. She’d been out errand-running with the 3-year-old she watches, and when she arrived home, something made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end.

Her intuition was correct.

As it turned out, a burglar had broken into the Irvine home and was skulking around upstairs. Security tape showed him tossing the contents of a pocketbook onto a kitchen tabletop before Jenna went in, then moving from room to room looking for valuables.

“To have him going into my kids’ rooms, it’s the scariest thing to me,” said the toddler’s father, Jonathan Lai.

The intruder scrambled down the stairs when Jenna and the kid arrived home. Meanwhile, Jenna grabbed the small kid and dashed out the door, seeking refuge at a neighbor’s house.

“We’re so grateful that she’s in our life because of what she did for my son,” Jonathan said.

The burglar has yet to be apprehended, but Jenna is being hailed as a hero for her actions that day. She does not, however, consider herself a hero. I adore him. When his parents are away, they rely on me to keep him safe.”

Watch the chilling CCTV footage in the video below.

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