Momentarily emerging from her coma, Charlotte Valandrey expressed her wish, which was…

After a month, Charlotte Valandrey emerged from her coma and joined the stars. A few days before she died, she woke up and was able to speak with her loved ones one more time. Her last wish was to be with her «exhausted» mother, Anne-Marie, who had passed away.

The actress, who gained notoriety for her role in «Red Kiss,» earned the nickname «the warrior» for good cause.

Before requiring his first heart transplant, the author had, in reality, fought a protracted battle against an incurable ailment. But in June 2022, she claimed that «the warrior is less a warrior.»

Her ex-husband, who stood by her through it all, and daughter Tara were left behind when she passed away. Although it contributed to their breakup, the sickness was also there in the French actress’s final hours.

Tara’s father, who was in charge of looking after her while she was in intensive care, in fact, eventually started to cry. However, the split was beneficial to and necessary for the ex-lovers.

Sadly, Charlotte’s HIV status has had an impact on her life beyond her relationship with her partner.

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When Charlotte Valandrey was a teenager, doctors told her that she only had a few months to live. The young actress had contracted HIV, and the prognosis had been provided. However, the author lived another thirty years after undergoing the prescribed treatment from doctors.

His diagnosis of this terminal illness has significantly altered his way of living. In addition to the harsh medication that necrosed the actress’s heart, the disease had an impact on her career. When the «White Wedding» film’s production learned she had HIV, they actually turned down her application for the starring role.

She felt hesitant, but she was still able to move forward. She continued on her journey despite the challenges in her way by making appearances in television shows. Due to the disease’s psychological effects, she required therapy to regain her «self-esteem.»

I spent a very long period in treatment. I tried out a number of therapeutic modalities, such as shiatsu, reiki, group meditation, and chanting. My work yielded results over the long run. My sense of trying to survive has been replaced by a sense of living. I’m relieved that I was able to survive these tough times. I am aware of who I am.

The former «Star Academy» director opened up in a talk.

She endured severe therapy for a number of years before her body eventually failed. He required two heart transplants as a result of sad consequences. Sadly, the second treatment was unsuccessful, and a month after that the writer passed away.

On July 13, 2022, the renowned actress left this world followed by her loved ones. In June 2022, she had a failed surgery, and she fell into a coma for one month.

However, she had one last contact with her family when she woke up a few days before she passed away. In her closing moments, Tara’s mother had the capacity to articulate «her weariness and the imperious longing to join her deceased mother.»

The «Red Kiss» actress was able to communicate with them briefly before she passed away, according to an AFP press release.

She blinked and wrote a few sentences on a slate after shaking hands with her father Jean-Pierre, daughter Tara, and sister Aude.

In light of this upsetting experience for the deceased’s family and friends, AFP reached the following conclusion:

Through his words and other ways, his perseverance, talent, smile, and vocal outbursts will stick out more in our memory and on screens.

Indeed, the actress and writer’s memories will live on forever, both in her works and in the roles she portrayed. The AFP press release also contains information about the actor who starred in «Nestor Burma»‘s burial.

Another famous person has joined the French film community in sorrow. The brave woman who lived past death for more than 30 years should get a burial worthy of the phrase. After a private funeral, his friends and family organize a ceremony to recognize his bravery. The deceased’s family also sent the information to AFP. Thus, it became apparent:

In Pléneuf-Val-André, the Côtes-d’Armor commune that served as the source of inspiration for Charlotte’s artistic name, not far from the spacious beach where she spent her formative years, she will be buried in a private ceremony.

For information, the religious event will take place in Paris in September. A fitting time for those who knew and cared about her to pay her a final tribute.

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