When my kid was younger, he claimed to have fallen in love with a girl in kindergarten who was the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen.

My spouse has always been absent from our family for as long as I can remember. As soon as we married, he left to work in another nation. He sent me a substantial sum of money, but I spent it all on construction. I worked one and a half shifts at a school.

I used my earnings to pay for utilities, groceries, and childcare for our baby. I constructed two houses with my husband’s money: one for us in our old age and one for our son. Our son enrolled in the capital’s university, and I waited for him to bring a daughter-in-law so that he could finally have a lady in his family.

My son did introduce me to his fiancée, but I didn’t agree with his choice. The girl was overly spoilt. However, with the birth of my grandson, our relationship with my daughter-in-law changed dramatically. I didn’t particularly care for him, but I assisted Harmony with her son because she had no one else in our town and I could tell that she needed assistance and support. Harmony eagerly accepted my assistance and often thanked me, and I was delighted to serve her. «It’s not life, it’s a fairy tale!» you could think, but that’s not the case. Our fairy story was coming to an end.

One day, as usual, I went to visit my children and found Harmony crying, and my son, his joy, before her. He explained to me that he had fallen in love with someone else and intended to file for divorce from Harmony.

Perhaps this idiot expected me to kick Harmony and my grandson out, but I surprised everyone by electing to kick my son out. To ensure that my efforts were not in vain, I drafted a will in favor of Elena, or more specifically, in favor of my grandson, with Elena acting as his temporary guardian. Now my son must choose between remaining in the family and going to the other without everything.

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