How attentive are you? Let’s find out! Can you find the Bunny amidst the Cats?

Gergely Dudás has done it once more. The illustrator developed yet another seek-and-find puzzle that will have you scouring your screen for solutions. From animal-related ones like the mouse concealed amid the squirrels to holiday faves like the pumpkin losing its nose, there’s something for everyone.

And the ghost hanging out with his skeleton pals, Dudás, has plenty of puzzles to keep his devotees entertained. His most recent brain teaser challenges you to spot the rabbit among the cats…



Dudás, sometimes known as Dudolf, displayed a number of children’s novels. He not only has a Fox & Rabbit series, but he also has three massive books crammed with all the hunt and adventure puzzles your heart desires (Halloween, Christmas, and spring!).

Dudolf’s Riddles can also be found on his social media channels and websites, in addition to his book. The intricacy of the master illustrator’s riddles varies, lasting barely seconds at times and a solid five minutes at others.

Finding the bunny amid the cats comes under the first category, though for some it may take a little longer than a few seconds. When you find it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t notice it sooner. (I certainly did.) See if you can find the bunny:

Congratulations to those who discovered the rabbit amid the cats! You may now proceed with your day. If you’re still having trouble, return to the seek-and-find challenge and limit your search to the left side of the brain teaser. I promise it’s there!



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