OMG! Baby In A Tube: Why Doctors Use This Method?

Most parents are concerned about their children’s safety when it comes to obtaining an X-ray, and their concerns are well-founded. X-rays are common imaging tests that allow doctors to examine a child’s internal organs. The method requires the transmission of radiation through the body in order to obtain an image of the interior organs, which concerns parents!

Most people are unaware, however, that no radiation stays in the body once the surgery is completed. The only discomfort you may experience is from having to assume odd positions because you must remain completely motionless during the process.

An X-ray on a baby can be one of the most difficult procedures to undertake since babies fidget and move about. When performing an x-ray, it is critical to remain completely still because any movement may cause the image to blur, requiring the entire process to be restarted. Scientists and pediatricians, on the other hand, may have just discovered the right cure!

The ‘Pigg-O-Stat’ pediatric x-ray machine has been brought into play, and while it puts the child in an amusing position, it is extremely functional. The machine is all-in-one pediatric immobilization equipment designed to safely pose neonates and infants for X-rays. The Pigg-O-Stat compresses the youngster into a test-tube-like area, immobilizing the child and allowing the X-ray to be completed once and for all.

If the Pigg-O-Stat is not utilized, the infant may move during the x-ray, obscuring the image and necessitating a rerun of the x-ray. Greater X-ray efforts would imply greater radiation exposure for the youngster, which has concerned both parents and physicians.

So, while the Pigg-O-Stat limits the infant to an uncomfortable posture for a few minutes, it is better for the lovely child in the long term. An x-ray is not difficult or uncomfortable, but the large and heavy-looking devices may be frightening to a child.

The youngster, on the other hand, will feel nothing during the procedure, and all they have to do is do nothing, literally: not move a muscle. However, the youngster may be required to wear a hospital gown, or a basic shirt and shorts may be sufficient depending on the radiologist’s judgment.

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