This child who was born weighing only 400 grams survived, and the way he appears now will astound you!

This year marks Baby Abel’s first Christmas, despite the fact that no one expected him to live… His parents were asked to say farewell to him multiple times. Abel endured more pain in his little life than many adults.

He had two operations and ten blood transfusions in the first four months alone. But the boy refused to give up, and despite all the doctors’ predictions, he lived and had every opportunity of a happy life!

Abel was born 24 weeks pregnant and weighed little over 400 grams. Charlotte had severe preeclampsia at the moment, which required an early delivery or both mother and child would die. Abel was delivered in critical condition, and Charlotte never saw him since he was immediately sent to the intensive care unit.

The woman was placed in a coma for two days to treat her internal organs and restore her blood pressure. For the first time, she saw her kid on the phone screen. «I had lost a baby at 17 weeks of pregnancy a year before that.» Abel has evolved into a divine gift for us.

He was still alive and battling. His mother and father, who came to the hospital every day to pray for their son, were right next to him. Another miracle occurred, contrary to the physicians’ expectations: he began to recover. During his five months in the hospital, he had gone through a lot. But no one can believe that the small joyful youngster has been on the verge of death multiple times.

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