Céline Dion’s sister’s somber update on the star’s health prompts fans to pray.

Céline Dion is a household name in the music industry. Her distinct voice tone and remarkable singing ability pushed her into a four-decade career of recognition and fortune.

Céline’s discography depicts the ups and downs of relationships, from the most exquisite love stories to the most heartbreaking sadness. Despite her own difficulties, Céline has been able to immerse herself in her work and demonstrate genuineness through the words and melodies. She had opened up about her fertility struggles to the public and was eventually rewarded with three kids with her late husband, René Angélil.

However, when Angélil, her husband of 22 years, died in 2016, she underwent one of the most profound heartbreaks she had ever experienced.

Céline had been coping with the sadness she experienced after the death of her husband. Being in the spotlight for such a long time must be exhausting for anyone, especially someone who is already struggling. Fans became concerned for the celebrity when she began to lose weight, her magnificent voice being overshadowed by her thin stature.

The artist has been suffering from health issues for some time and was forced to cancel her scheduled gigs after tragic news. Céline revealed that she had been diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome, a rare neurological illness.

With Céline’s health situation, fans all over the world have been giving her love and support during these difficult times. Continue reading to learn how those closest to her have come together to assist her during this difficult time.

Céline first announced the postponement of her upcoming tour due to her diagnosis of stiff-person syndrome on Dec. 8, 2022.

“I’ve been dealing with problems with my health for a long time, and it’s been really difficult for me to face these challenges and to talk about everything that I’ve been going through,” Céline said in an Instagram video.

Céline, on the other hand, hasn’t let her health issues stop her from working, since she released a new song just months afterwards. The title of Céline’s new song, «Love Again,» is also the title of a film starring Céline, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and Sam Heughan.

On April 13, 2023, Céline announced her new song on her Instagram account, and she also gave her followers a sneak peek at the movie with some snippets. The ballad is one of five songs by the Grammy-winning musician included on the film soundtrack, along with previous successes such as «It’s All Coming Back to Me Now» and «That’s The Way It Is.»

«Love Again» is Céline’s first feature film, and the song is her first single since «Courage» in 2019. This is her first single since revealing her health condition in December 2022.

Céline stated during her disease announcement at the age of 54 that her team of specialists was still studying stiff-person syndrome, but they now had some answers to her periodic spasms. She claimed that her ailment had made it difficult for her to move and utilize her vocal cords.

Stiff-person syndrome occurs when there is a disturbance in the communication channels from the brain to the muscles, causing them to become hard or stiff. Aside from muscle stiffness and spasms, symptoms of this disorder include the danger of falling and breathing difficulties.

Céline said that she’s doing better after the diagnosis because she has gotten the proper treatment for her condition. However, the «My Heart Will Go On» singer admitted that her recovery had been slower than she had hoped. She has to be in the best shape when performing on stage, and she’s not quite there yet. For this reason, she was also forced to cancel the remainder of her “Courage” world tour in May 2023.

“I’m so sorry to disappoint all of you once again. I’m working really hard to build back my strength, but touring can be very difficult even when you’re 100%. It’s not fair to you to keep postponing the shows, and even though it breaks my heart, it’s best that we cancel everything now until I’m really ready to be back on stage again,” Céline said in announcing the cancellation on Instagram.

Regarding her role in «Love Again,» Céline stated that she «had a lot of fun» in her debut feature picture. «Love Again» also addresses mourning after the death of a loved one. Céline had been there before, having lost her husband to throat cancer in 2016. Céline also lost her brother, Daniel Dion, to cancer two days after René died.

Céline said on «Good Morning America» in 2019 that she needed to «move forward» and keep living in order to get through her sadness. Friends stated the singer’s three boys with René — René-Charles Angélil and twins Eddy and Nelson Angélil — were her support, especially after learning about her health problems. Céline’s endless optimism is also assisting her in managing her health and increasing her fighting spirit as she recovers.

As Céline faces such serious health challenges, it is comforting to know that she is being supported by those closest to her, including her family. Celine’s sister, Claudette Dion, 74, revealed to Le Journal de Montreal, that another one of their sisters, Linda Dion, was living with the singer in the home she shares with her sons.

“When I call her and she’s busy, I speak to my sister Linda who lives with her and tells me that she’s working hard. She’s listening to the top researchers in the field of this rare disease as much as possible,” Claudette told the outlet.

She added while Céline’s health diagnosis was saddening, she had every confidence in her sister’s ability to make the best choices for herself and listen to what her body tells her.

“It’s innate to her, she’s disciplined in every area of her life… We can’t find any medicine that works, but having hope is important… I honestly think that she mostly needs to rest. She always goes above and beyond, she always tries to be the best and top of her game. At one point, your heart and your body are trying to tell you something. It’s important to listen to it,” Claudette added.

Claudette said she also told Céline that as difficult as her struggles appeared now, she still ought to look toward the future.

“I also said to her, ‘I know you’re an orphan, I know you’re a widow, I know you’re a single mom, but with everything you’ve given, you will receive in return,’” Claudette, who is also Céline’s godmother, said.

Claudette also opened up to Hello! Canada Magazine to give an update on her sister in September 2023. After describing Céline as “a strong woman” who was “doing everything to recover,” Claudette revealed dealing with her illness was made all the more difficult by it being so rare.

“It’s an illness we know so little about. There are spasms – they’re impossible to control. You know how people often jump up in the night because of a cramp in the leg or the calf? It’s a bit like that, but in all muscles,” she said.

Claudette lamented there was “little we can do to support her, to alleviate her pain.”

Despite the seemingly pessimistic outlook on the star’s health situation, Claudette said Céline’s loving family members were “crossing our fingers that researchers will find a remedy for this awful illness.” She also credited Céline’s fans with supporting the star through this challenging period and helping to lift her spirits.

“They love Céline, not only for the voice she has, but also for the human being she is. For the woman she has become, for the mother she has become. … We love her for the person she is,” Claudette remarked.

The sentiment proved true as the update incited fans to express their sadness while also offering prayers and words of encouragement to the music icon.

“Praying for a recovery for Celine..I saw her yrs ago in Vegas what a beautiful show I cried..she is awesome !!!” one fan shared while another wrote, “Such a lovely woman beautiful voice so sad there (sic) little they can do I wish her well so much miss her very much Celine everyone misses you and long to see u once again really soon god bless.”

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