Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks recreate the beautiful huge piano moment from «Big»…

Playing the piano at a high level is challenging. Ordinary people must train for years before they may consider themselves proficient pianists. And it is at this point that you utilize your hands. Consider how much more difficult it would be to play the piano with your legs.

Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks have lately taken on this challenge. They made the task appear simple. Tom Hanks made an appearance in the 1988 picture «Big.» In one scenario, a much younger Hanks leaped onto a massive piano and played it with his feet while impressing the audience with a superb version of chopsticks. Fans of Tom Hanks remember the scene from one of his films from thirty years ago.

Today, Hanks is regularly asked about the scene from «Big» in interviews. When Hanks appeared on the Jonathan Ross show in 2013 to promote his most recent film, «Captain Phillips,» the subject came up.

Ross did not merely inquire about the scene during the funny portion from Hanks. He asked Hanks if he would entertain the audience by playing a large piano that was lying on the floor nearby. Hanks generously consented and gave the crowd a brief excerpt from “Heart And Soul.” Ross joined in the fun and tried out a few “Chopsticks” notes.

Ross stepped away, allowing Hanks to once more dazzle the throng on his own. The audience liked the fast song he played. But everyone was eager to see Hanks perform “Chopsticks” and reenact the amazing sequence from “Big.”

Hanks needed a partner to provide what the crowd wanted. Sandra Bullock, who was also a guest on the evening, agreed to perform with Hanks. Bullock and Hanks are friends who have previously collaborated on projects. Bullock was eager to assist Hanks, but she was wearing a pair of high heels with spikes. Hanks doubted she could play the piano while wearing the shoes.

Hanks is concerned that she won’t be able to play «Chopsticks» in the video while wearing heels. Bullock assures him that she can. Bullock astounded everyone by accompanying them on the piano, despite the fact that most people would struggle to walk in those high heels. The two produced an incredible performance that the audience adored.

Many commenters complimented the fact that two of their favorite actors collaborated to recreate the legendary movie sequence.

Bullock and Hanks looked to have no issue playing the piano with their feet. You can watch their stunning performance for the Jonathan Ross program viewers below. You will definitely be as amazed as those who attended the concert in person.

View the amusing video below:

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