Take a look at the paralyzed bride’s surprise for her groom.

A bride who was paralyzed from the waist down walked down the aisle at her wedding, and the event was videotaped. Chelsie Hill was a high school student and dancer before being paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident at the age of 17, which meant she would never walk again!

Chelsie married Jay Bloomfield, 34, at the age of 29 and astonished him by walking down the aisle. Chelsie walked with a frame and wore leg braces under a specially constructed white dress to do this.

Paralyzed bride who uses a wheelchair surprises groom by walking down the aisle at their wedding

«I’d like to emphasize that there’s nothing wrong about sitting in your chair. Growing up, however, I always envisaged myself walking down the aisle. And I just wanted to experience that — not that my disability has taken anything away from me — but I just wanted to feel that heart-to-heart with him and stand up there eye to eye. That was just something very important to me personally.»

«After my injury, I wondered if I’d ever find someone who actually loved me for who I was. You have accepted, honored, and appreciated every aspect of me. Today, I wanted to accomplish something I had always wanted to do. Stand face to face with me as we make a lifelong commitment to each other.»

OUR SPECIAL DAY- I can't believe I walked down the aisle😭 HIS reaction is EVERYTHING! - YouTube

Chelsie has long advocated for disabled people, using her love of dancing to inspire. In 2012, she founded Rollettes, a wheelchair dance group in Los Angeles, which brings together disabled people and wheelchair users to get involved in dance and movement.

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