In 1983, a 16-pound infant was famous for his weight… You’ll be shocked at how he looks now…

Patricia Clark, 24, gave birth to her second child at the maternity ward of Community Memorial Hospital in New Jersey in 1983. Big babies tended to run in her family, so she was expecting a big baby. Kevin Robert Clark weighed little more than 16 pounds at birth, much to everyone’s astonishment.

Kevin’s parents were concerned about his health because he was larger than the average infant, but after a checkup, doctors convinced them that he was in perfect health. The fact that he didn’t fit into his crib or his newborn clothes caused his parents some anxiety. Here, in a story that has since been preserved, are more specifics about the amazing birth.

Kevin developed steadily after starting out enormous. When junior high school began, he was already six feet five inches tall. He is currently 35 years old, 6 feet 9 inches tall, and weighs around 300 pounds.

Kevin likes to make jokes about his size and has always been the center of attention. When people inquire if he plays basketball, he tells them he’s 5’21» and advises they play miniature golf instead.

Kevin joined the Air Force, worked as a military policeman in Texas for a while, and then decided to pursue his MBA instead of playing basketball or football like everyone had anticipated. He currently lives with his Great Dane and six-foot-tall wife, Jenna. He likes fishing and hunting.

A newborn, full-term infant typically weighs between five and eight pounds, thirteen ounces.

Watch the video telling more about him here:

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