Do you recognize and adore this child’s star?… Here’s who he is and how he became unrecognizable…

The Mighty Ducks was a huge smash when it first came out in 1992, sparking two sequels and the formation of the Anaheim Ducks of the National Hockey League.

Because of the film, which is about a youth league hockey team, many young actors became overnight sensations. One of them was Shaun Weiss, who played goaltender Greg Goldberg in the film.
Unfortunately, Shaun’s breakout performance permanently impacted his life—and not always for the better.

Numerous young performers have appeared in a variety of TV shows and movies. Many of these kids’ lives are irrevocably altered. Shaun Weiss is well-versed in this.

He won a lot of appreciation for his amusing portrayal of goalkeeper Greg Goldberg in the Disney comedy series The Mighty Ducks in the early 1990s. But when the authorities made the former child actor’s mugshot public in January 2020, nobody laughed any longer.

Shaun, who was born in 1978 and raised in Detroit, made his breakthrough as Elvis on Pee-Playhouse. wee’s Shaun had numerous commercial appearances during the show’s run, which lasted from 1986 until 1990.

But it was as the endearing and pudgy goaltender Greg Goldberg that he found success. After two Mighty Ducks films, Shaun Weiss was cast in another Disney feature, Heavyweights.

In the film, he played Josh Birnbaum, one of the children sent to a fat camp run by fitness specialist Tony Perkins. Shaun’s career stalled after Heavyweights, despite a regular role on the short-lived NBC drama Freaks and Geek and guest roles on several well-known TV shows.

However, he struggled to find much success in Hollywood. Instead, the former child star became well-known for his encounters with the law.

He was given a 150-day jail term in July 2017; however, due to congestion, he was only kept in custody for 12 days.

Only a few days after his release, he was caught again by officials. Shaun was arrested for illegal possession, and it was evident that he was struggling.

The actor, who is battling diabetes and other significant health issues, revealed in an open Facebook post that «without prompt treatment, my life is in eminent danger.»

He said that his “focus is bent on health and well-being” and that he was “motivated to return to my old self.”

In 2020, Northern California police received a report of a male who had broken a car window and was inside the vehicle. Officers arrived on the site and discovered Shaun Weiss.

People were shocked when a mugshot of the former child star was released. Shaun was utterly unlike himself and had visible signs of his long-term addiction.

Shaun’s friends were determined to help him, and they even planned a fundraiser to raise funds for his admission to a rehabilitation center.

In 2020, the troubled kid star was finally admitted to therapy. The court ordered him to participate in a 90-day rehabilitation program. Nobody knew what would happen to the troubled former actor, but Shaun ended up needing rehab.

After completing his treatment plan at Quest 2 Recovery in Lancaster, his criminal charge from 2020 was dismissed.

Furthermore, Shaun’s devoted pals ensured that he had a complete set of teeth throughout this time, as his oral health had deteriorated fast over the years.

«Shaun demonstrated tenacity despite the COVID-19 pandemic complicating his recovery.» He had to change treatment and transitional programs several times. According to the Yuba County District Attorney’s Office, he underwent dental reconstructive surgery, and while undergoing treatment, a member of his personal family was badly harmed.

The statement read, “Shaun recovered employment and has been touring the nation doing guest appearances and signing autographs.”

When we look back a year later, we are astounded by the changes Shaun has endured. He posted a photo to Instagram in January 2022 to mark his first year of abstinence.

Shaun’s incredible before-and-after pictures demonstrated to the world that it is possible to alter your life. The former child star has surely endured hell over the years, but it appears that he is now finally on the right route.

Shaun wrote, “A trip of a thousand miles begins with 12 magnificent steps.

Shaun continues to improve, and he appears to be getting better with each passing week. I’m hope he can get the support and encouragement he needs to keep going in the right route.

Because there are so many roommates who are always on top of one another, moving to a sober living facility was hard. However, his friend and backer Drew Gallagher claims that he is growing and making the most of his progress.

The remarkable change in Shaun has not gone unnoticed. In a recent interview with Yahoo, Emilio Estevez, who played Coach Gordon Bombay in the movie Mighty Ducks, expressed his “terrible pride” in his former co-star.

Estevez stated, “I do hold him in high regard and I know getting sober for him is obviously a major matter. Sean’s path has been a very personal road for him.

The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers, a series that will air on Disney+ in 2021, has recently included Estevez as the lead. Estevez stated that he would like to work with additional members of the original cast if the series were to be renewed.

The door is always open for any of the Original Ducks to join us, as Steve Brill, the show’s original creator, and I like to say, he said. “An OD is an OD no matter what.”

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