«Making Your Girlfriend Cry.» Man Stages Epic Proposal That Tears Us All Up!

We’ve all heard some pretty creative proposals, but Matthew’s is far and away the most thoughtful and romantic. After witnessing his video, one commentator wrote, «This person is now making it incredibly difficult for the rest of us.» On March 3, 2016, Matt had his fiancée, Kristina, drop him off at a train station so he could take a flight from San Francisco to New York to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Kristina had no idea Matt had something special in store for her.

Matt was visiting Kristina’s family members ahead of his planned proposal at the Napa Valley vineyard where they met five years previously. Matt paid a surprise visit to Kristina’s mother’s house in Orlando to ask for her hand in marriage, with his friends documenting everything. «Her father would be overjoyed, too, Matt,» Mom continued after recovering from the shock of seeing him without Kristina.

«He knows you’re wonderful to my kid and that you care for her.» Matt also traveled to Las Vegas to see Kristina’s adoring grandmother. Grandma insists that the ring Matthew will give her — a 1935 diamond set in handcrafted rose gold and platinum — has been in the family for 80 years, as if her granddaughter were sitting just across from her. «I’m overjoyed about this, and I hope you are as well,» she says. «I want you to have as much fun with it as I had, and I had a lot of fun with it for a long time.»

Matthew’s most poignant, romantic, and memorable vacation destination was a cemetery in Highland Mills, New York. Kristina’s father died four years before she and Matthew met, and she had repeatedly mentioned their resemblances. Matthew recognized how important her father is to his bride-to-be, so he brought a flower arrangement to the burial. «I wish I could have had the opportunity to really meet you,» he says in the video below.

«Kristina frequently comments on how similar you and I are. I take pleasure in it, given how highly she regards you. I hope you will accept me and one day accept me as your son-in-law. I promise to take up your role as a caregiver. I promise to protect and care for your daughter for the rest of my life.»

Kristina and Matthew arrived in Napa Valley’s Kuleto Estate Winery some months after he returned from his vacation, thinking they were celebrating another friend’s birthday. Instead, she was given the documentary-style movie below, which captured everything Matthew went through before proposing. The internet community, predictably, praised Matthew for his creative proposal to his longtime love!

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