A lonely man hands a turkey to a barefoot youngster. They’re all reunited for Thanksgiving a year later… Continue reading to learn more…

A lonely father who spent every holiday alone offered his Thanksgiving turkey to a young boy who was strolling about barefoot. The following year, they all gathered together for Thanksgiving and other holidays.

Michael spent the day before Thanksgiving listening to his coworkers discuss their plans. Some of them were returning to their hometowns. Some planned to spend the holidays by the lake, while others planned to spend them in luxurious hotels with their spouses.

Michael, on the other hand, was never one to go all out for the holidays. This was due to the fact that he did not have his own family or a girlfriend to spend time with.

If he believed it was important enough to celebrate, he’d treat himself to a nice dinner at a fine restaurant or go to Las Vegas by himself to let loose and unwind.

He was intended to spend Thanksgiving with his other single friend, but at the last minute, he informed him that he had found a girl, and the two of them decided to spend the holiday together.

Michael’s mother also abandoned him to work with relatives when he was young. She stopped returning, and when his aunt and uncle died, he had no family to celebrate the holidays with.
Michael looked at all of the stuff he had purchased for Thanksgiving dinner and thought it was too much for him to consume alone. Then he got the bright idea of preparing a special supper and delivering it to a homeless shelter he saw on his way home from work.

To keep himself busy, Michael spent the entire afternoon preparing some of his favorite Thanksgiving dishes. He prepared a turkey, an apple pie, a beef and mushroom casserole, and other dishes. «I should have thought of this years ago!» he thought to himself as he packed all the food into foil containers to carry to the shelter.

He walked to the shelter when he was ready and sat down at a table with everyone to eat a hot dinner. «Wow!» exclaimed one of the shelter’s lads. He went on to say, «I’ve never had food like this before.»

«Don’t worry,» Michael said, «I’ll keep bringing you meals on holidays.» He said to everyone, «Go ahead and eat.» Michael was going to assist himself to some food when he noticed a young boy sitting alone in the far corner of the room, barefoot.

Michael came over to the youngster and placed some turkey and other food on a plate to help him feel better. He handed the young man the dish and said, «Eat.»

«Where is your mother?» Michael questioned him.

«She works all day to save money so that we can buy a nice house,» the child stated gently. «She comes and gets me late at night and brings me back here in the morning.» As soon as Michael said that, he saw himself in the youngster.

Michael’s mother would also leave him with relatives when he was young while she went to work. She ultimately stopped coming back, and when his aunt and uncle died, he had no family to spend the holidays with.

Michael stated that he would assist the child since he did not want the same thing to happen to him. He waited for the boy’s mother to return to the shelter before offering her a high-paying job with less hours.

«Would you really do that for me?» she inquired when he told her she could work as Michael’s assistant.

“Oh, sure. “I need a secretary who works hard,” Michael said. “I heard from your son Damon that you work all day. By itself, that shows how hard you work.”

Lindy, Michael’s mom, couldn’t stop crying. She thanked Michael a lot, and after Thanksgiving, she went to work for him.

After a year, Michael is sitting with Damon and Lindy at his table at home. Since he fell in love with Lindy and they got married, he no longer had to spend the holidays alone or eat meals alone.

“Prayer before meals?” Before they ate their Thanksgiving meal, Lindy gave him a smile.

He nodded and took their hands in his. «Dear God, I thank you for providing us with a home, delicious food to eat every day, and a family. Last year, you inspired me to prepare a lunch for a homeless shelter, which helped me discover my own family. «I’m glad I’m not alone anymore,» he prayed.

Lindy and Damon hugged him once he finished praying. They expressed their love for one another and expressed their gratitude for having each other as family.

For the first time in a long time, Michael did not have to sleep alone that night. He stayed up all night with his new family, watching movies with them until they all fell asleep curled up in matching pajamas in their living room.

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